The Great Credit Crunch Crisis

Context of NPR Radio letter  October 29th. 2008.

Following the Great Credit Crunch Crisis (GCCC) in late 2008, government budget cuts at all levels were proposed and greeted with sage nods from the media and pundits at large, until the consequences landed in the backyards of the NIMBYs.  ( Not In My Back Yard ). Whereupon there was wailing and gnashing of teeth throughout the land, as plump sucklings were faced with the prospect of separation from the public nipple. Among the loudest wails was an interview aired on NPR with a local tourism advocate who argued that we were competing with the World for the Tourist Dollar,  and citing Dubai as an example, foretold of the dire economic  consequences to SWFlorida of cuts in the beautification, beach renourishment  and related  public expenditurures.

At the time there was much debate over the proposed new Twins Stadium, Fort Myer’s third Stadium.


National Public Radio,

Gulf Coast University,

Fort myers Fla.

October 29th. 2008

Dear NPR Radio,

Your piece about Sanibel competing with Dubai for the tourist Dollar and the Boston Red Sox fans really grabbed me by the  ‘attentions’ if you get my drift!

Being a foreigner myself (I’ve spent a few years playing in the world’s great sandboxes; Sanibel, Saudi Arabia and the Sahara to name  a few), I’ll bet you $5 to a fish head that we could beat ‘em hands down.

Knowing Sheikh Rashid as I do, (I once had a Mimosa with him in Miami), here’ s what we need to do:

We build him the new Stadium  on his 80 acres in Dubai ( we can get by with two Stadia here in Fort Myers)  and build an indoor Ski slope like his on the Bailey tract on Sanibel. That way the Boston fans could practice parallel Christies between the ball games without going to Dubai.

Next  we sweeten the pot a bit  for Rashid by hosting a Horse Race around the West Gulf loop as a sequel to the Dubai Gold Cup,  calling it the Sanibel Earthware Cup to keep the ‘Greens’ on board.  We’d have to widen and turf the bike path a bit   and give the Segway folk all terrain tyres, but Marty and Randy would pay for the tyres if we put the finish post and Owner’s paddock at Doc Fords!

Now I know that International Business deals are hard for some of  you Academics and Sanibellians to understand, but  hang in there!  Here’s the kicker:

Dubai’s got private Islands for sale,  shaped like countries for rich folk who want a private island they can call a country, like France or Italy. That’s a tough act to follow!

But we can do it!!!!        We’ve got Blind Pass!        Get  it??!

They’ve been studying how to open Blind Pass  for longer than it took to build the Panama Canal….!

So here’s the plan:  dredge open the pass and use the spoil to build islands shaped like US States, Massachusetts, Texas etc. and sell ‘em to the rich  tourists, Sox fans and wannabees who want an address like H.H.Homitz, California, FL. 33957.  Voila!

Listening to you guys sounds to me as though you could use a little hard core right wing business savvy,  and as luck would have it I’m available,

Let me know when we can start!,

Yours from the far right,

Harvey H. Homitz.

Perveyor of International Business solutions to the Feckless.



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